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Dear colleagues!

The annual International Symposium

"RELIABILITY and QUALITY" will be held from May 23 to May 31, 2016

in the sanatorium 'Berezovaya roscha' !

     The annual International Symposium "RELIABILITY and QUALITY" is held under the auspices of UNESCO on the action plan of the Ministry of Education and Science. The event has a high rating, the dynamics of which from year to year progresses, as evidenced by the publication of the expert reports on the symposium and the best reports of the participants in a number of scientific journals: "Methods of Quality Management", "Measurement Techniques", "Metrology", "Telecommunications", "Radio industry", "Information technology in the design and production", "Engineering", "Control. Diagnostics", "Proceedings of Higher Education. Volga region. Engineering", in the peer-reviewed journal "Reliability and quality of complex systems", as well as inter-university collection "Digital models in the design and production of Radioequipment", etc.

     The Symposium is an annual international association of scientists, industry representatives and young scientists in fundamental and applied problems of safety, reliability and quality of the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of complex high-tech industrial products, training and re-training of highly qualified personnel, the development and implementation of methods and means to improve the reliability and quality, innovation, information and communication technologies in education and science.

     The 19th annual International Symposium on "RELIABILITY and QUALITY" will be held at the sanatorium 'Berezovaya roscha'. Consistency - a sign of quality!

Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Dr., Professor Nikolay Yurkov