We remind you that the reception of articles in the collection of 2019 continues.
End of acceptance of articles - April 26, 2019.

To participate in the symposium, is necessary:
1. fill out the application of the participant;
2. pay the target fee for the details specified below (for legal entities, an Agreement for information and consulting services is required);
3. make a scanned copy of the payment order;
4. issue a report in accordance with the requirements;
5. issue and sign an examination report on the absence of information in the materials prohibited for publication in the open press;
6. Read the terms of the license agreement.
7. A completed application, a copy of the instruction and the report should be packaged in a zip-archive and sent by e-mail to the address of the organizing committee.
By submitting an application, you agree to the terms of the License Agreement.


To publish the report materials, it is necessary to pay a target contribution of 6,500 rubles by April 25, 2019. for each participant for its accreditation and participation in all events of the symposium, which is confirmed by the certificate of the participant. Registration fee for absentee participation is 2500 rubles.

Payment can be made:

For legal entities (including VAT) to the address of «Penza State University», with the issuance of invoices and registration of contracts and acts of work performed. To do this, signed by the customer (signed and stamped), the contract and act on the provision of services in 2 copies must be sent to the Organizing Committee.

Requisites for payment with VAT (for legal entities):
«Penza State University»
Legal address:    440026, Penza, Krasnaya st., 40
ITN 5837003736
Federal Treasury Department for the Penza Region (PSU, personal account 20556Х40180)
Branch Penza, Penza BIC 045655001
Current account 40501810056552000002
All-Russian Classifier of Administrative- Territorial Division  56401377000; IEC 583701001
Budget classification code 07400000000000000180 «Other gratuitous receipts». Target fee for the conduct of statutory activities (a symposium. Code RQCS-2019).
Rector Gulyakov Alexander Dmitrievich, acts on the basis of the Charter

In the form of voluntary donations (for payments without VAT):
Payment details:
Penza branch № 8624/01 Sberbank of Russia
440000, Penza, Kuraeva st., 1a
ITN 7707083893, BIC 045655635
Correspondent account 30101810000000000635 in the Settlement and Cash Center of the Main Department of the Russian Federation, Penza
IEC 583402001 All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations: 09237703 PSRN: 1027700132195 
Personal account 40817810448000186741
Subdivision code of the Bank at the place of card account 54862401
Recipient «Yurkov Nikolay Kondratievich»
In the payment document you must specify «Voluntary donations for the symposium»
Code NIKA-2019. VAT is not appearing»

For a comfortable stay provided by the eight-storey building of the "Birch Grove" sanatorium is provided with comfortable double and single rooms, double rooms «Lux» for two or four people. Each room has a TV, refrigerator, bathroom and shower. The cost of rooms for participants of the symposium will be announced additionally. Booking details can be clarified by calling the organizing committee.

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